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This year we are doing a FUNdraiser to help keep DSB going! We are doing another run of shirts, hoodies, tank tops and many other awesome things you will find in our shop!!!!

This year's FUNdraiser comes from a high demand of people asking about getting apparel along with a number of things that DSB has to pay for, to keep us running. We just ordered another round of stickers, 1000 of each size, we have web dues coming up, we need to purchase some fire safety gear (Fire Extinguishers,etc) and if the FUNdraiser is successful enough, we will be adding another element to our sign. We already have a lot of personal time and funds to keep the sign in working condition. If we are able to add the new feature on the sign, it will provide the community with a nice warm spot to gather around and warm up while on their journey from one place to another! It will also provide a community space to meet new folks while they warm up on their journey to wherever they are going, with a non pressurized flame effect!

DSB would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen and allow us to have so many unique items in the shop! Artists and companies include - EVEREMAN, Happy 3D Printing, Chwdog Productions, DSBHQ, Charlie Smith and Geekwood Workshop

We appreciate any and all support you wish to give and hope you enjoy the many items we have added to be available to you this round!